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Complementary Currency Resource Center: Center for Resources & Networking on Complementary Currency and Alternative Exchange Systems – Home of the International Complementary Currency System Database, as well as the CC Research Group. – Resources developed by the UK-based New Economics Foundation exploring the dynamics of a local economy and how currencies influence the flow of value through and out of communities.

The New Economics Institute – A list of local currencies active within the US and around the world, developed by the New Economics Institute – founders of the BerkShare. – Homepage of Bernard Lietaer, one of the world’s foremost experts on community currencies and monetary systems.

Alternative Currency Systems – Exhaustive list of resources with links

Complementary Community Currency Systems and Local Exchange Networks


How-to websites and software:

  1. Berkshares Toolkit –
  2. Open Source Alternative Banking Software –
  3. Community Exchange System –
  4. Life Currency Cooperative Exchange –
  5. Community Forge – Open Source Alternative Banking Software –
  6. Value for People – Consulting Service –
  7. Drupal – Digital Accounting –

Publications and Guides:

Media Coverage:

  1. Alternative Currencies Grow in Popularity Time Magazine
  2. A Day in the Life of a BerkShare by Bill McKibben
  3. Customized Currency Seen as Alternative to Cash NPR News
Legal Aspects of Local Currencies, Rethinking Our Centralized Monetary System: The Case for a System of Local Currencies (Ch. 7) by Lewis Solomon 1996

Examining Money and Money Systems

  1. Ascent of Money (PBS series)
  2. The Latest American Export: Inflation (Wall Street Journal article about U.S. exporting inflation through monetary policy)
  3. The Neutral Money Network (NeuMoNe): A critical analysis of traditional money and the financial innovation of “Neutral Money”
  4. Liberty Dollar Trial and Coin Value (An excellent summary of why the Liberty Dollar was targeted by Federal authorities)
  5. Dollar HegemonyLiberating Sovereign Credit for Domestic Development (Two essays by Henry CK Liu)
  6. Money page for site devoted to the Constitution (Originalist leaning)
  7. Von Mises Institute (Austrian School of Economics)
  8. Lew Rockwell (Libertarian site)
  9. Reinventing Money

Organizations for the New Economy and Local Currencies

  1. New Economics Institute
  2. International Journal of Community Currency Research
  3. Living Economies
  4. Collaborative Finance
  9. (Digital Gold)


  1. Democratic Money: The Case for a Decentralized Monetary System. Preview available at, by Bryn Meyer, 2001.
  2. The Natural Economic Order by Silvio Gesell, 1906
    1. PDF:
    2. HTML:;
  3. Small is Beautiful by E.F. Schumacher; see also
  4. Going Local: Creating Self-Reliant Communities in a Global Age, by Michael Shuman (Routledge, 1998/2000) –
  5. The Future of Money: Creating New Wealth, Work and a Wiser World, by B.A. Lietaer –
  6. The Theory of Money and Credit, by Ludvig Von Mises – (pdf, epub, and html)
  7. The Denationalization of Money, by F.A. Hayek – (pdf & epub)
  8. What has Government Done to Our Money?, by Murray N. Rothbard – (pdf, epub, & html)
  9. Creating Wealth: Growing Local Economies with Local Currencies, by Gwendolyn Hallsmith –
  10. The History and Principles of Banking (1866) –
  11. Understanding and Creating Alternatives to Legal Tender, by Thomas Greco – (excerpt)
  12. The Ecology of Money, by Richaed Douthwaite –
  13. Peer-to-Peer Money: Free Currency over the Internet –

Scholarly Articles

  1. Gresham’s Law versus Currency Competition –
  2. Currency Competition Versus Governmental Money Monopolies –
  3. Hayek, Currency Competition and European Monetary Union –